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Shift happens... One Million Meditators and The Law of Oneness

Why pray with 1,000,000 other Meditators?

So, we have all perhaps heard of the Law of Attraction. But, there are many spiritual Laws. Recently, I have been focused on the Law of Vibration. Keeping in line with teaching spiritual Laws will today be covering the Law of Unity or of Oneness. Some refer to is as collective consciousness and how can it really be of affect if more than one person begins to focus on a given topic? There have been several notable studies done in this field and I will not repeat them but to say read about some of the concepts governing this law of you can come to the conclusion on your own.

Are we each a fragment of the great divine... a spark of consciousness from God or as some say “the universe? Do we all affect one another or can we?

The Law of Vibration explains that frequency can accumulate whether it’s a mass of positive thoughts or negative. Our thoughts are therefore powerful and when they are accumulated they can affect the frequency. You see thoughts are vibrations before they become thoughts.

We express them with words, with emotions and actions. The Law of divine Oneness would speak to how everything is connected to everything else. So that being said our thoughts can affect the universe around us. With practice in my own development I started to learn to become the “observer”. This was not without practice and what I call “falling off the wall like Humpty Dumpty”. Boy, did I have to pick up the pieces several times over and over.

In the past, it felt so happy demonstrating to myself spiritual awareness having learned to transmute my negative thoughts and create something new and more resonant. Then bada boom bada bing…. just to have it all go up in smoke quickly. So what happened? Am I not blessed with being able to manifest and create? No, that is not it. First, we need to understand what is a thought? How do they combine within our own paradigm and then explore what happens when the masses focus upon the same thought all together.

A little bit about our brain. Our human brain is composed of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. Each connection transmits about one signal per second and some specialized connections send up to 1,000 signals per second. Every time you have an experience or a thought, the relevant neurons switch on and start firing. As this happens, neural connections get stronger and new synapses is born and it starts growing. Hence the term wiring and firing….and they form new baby neuro-networks.

Which of the new baby neuro networks will be recruited and sustain depends on you. They form within minutes and if they are not reinforced or needed they wither away. Every time you activate the neuro network they are elevated a little in the order of importance. Repetition or prolonging keep them strong and ensure that they stay. So, when you have a new thought or are learning something new or re-learning something already birthed it takes some due diligence on your part to ensure that it cements and has a strong foundation.

An excerpt from the Cherokee story of the Black and White Wolf would go like this:

“Within your soul, the two wolves fight to see which one will give directions and will win the right to show you how to live. Which one will win the fight? We need to pay attention; pay close heed! Which one will win? Which one will win depends upon which one we feed.”

So, in the past, I would feel empowered all full of myself for my new leaf turned over or overcoming a pattern or rumination. But then only to find myself falling back into old patterns. Why? Because my new baby neuro network wasn’t nurtured, fed and reinforced. Remember, the old is still functioning at the time of your new creation and it is rock solid. It wants to survive and it will do everything to convince you to go back to the familiar. However, once you are aware of this and are able to observe even when you experience a “slip” backwards this is your intelligence in action.

Many of us do not stick to something long enough to have continuity. We do something for a little bit and it doesn’t work so we quit. Or we do have a break through and then all of a sudden it all falls apart and we blame it on our own lack of ability, fate, bad luck or whatever we come up with that says this doesn’t work for me. Have you heard the adage ‘Do not quit before the miracle happens?” Or how about “If I do not succeed once…try, try again”.

Sometimes for me, I have to try a different way or re-learn it in a way that really syncs in for “me”. We are all snowflakes…unique in the way we interpret, create and our stamina is also in question sometimes depending on if we have really strong patterns to overcome.

So how long does it take for a new neuro network to get strong and the old to wither away? That depends upon what it is and also how long it’s been around. What if it’s in your ancestral DNA? Nothing is impossible in my line of thinking. There are solutions and I have found them through meditation and in my practice using spiritual hypnosis modality..

For me, when I realize I have created something that has blasted me out of my old paradigm you better believe I will be reinforcing it for a good long time. It’s pretty easy to know if the old is still around because it will fight back. For example: You have quit smoking and it’s been six months. Not even a drag .. but all of a sudden you hear this thought “I can have just one… all that bull about not being able to control it just doesn’t apply to me” RED FLAG! That tells me that there is still more “reinforcement to go. That is when you need to be gentle with yourself and get into the observer mode. Who is large and in charge?

I have discovered it’s my God self, my super conscious mind that which connects me to the divine. Time to go get re-charged and reinforce with self-love and empowerment. Old nicotine addiction neuro network.. time for you to go. Of course, I have methods utilizing spiritual hypnosis and meditation and am glad to teach anyone who is interested in how you can empower yourself.

I do believe intention and the ability to observe oneself in a slip is indeed growth. If you fall off the horse, you get back up and start over again. Never give up. Every step backwards is a life lesson and experience and you can use to help others in the future who might be attempting to walk again after a paralyzing accident or overcome addictions.

So what does this all have to do with the Law on Oneness and what is collective consciousness? Well, if one person has the ability to create a new thought pattern, develop and reinforce a concept, or habit imagine what happens when masses of souls all focus on the same objective? Shift happens…..

When I was young, I learned the Lord ’s Prayer and was taught that there is power when a group of people focus intent and prayer with one another. Whether it was a table prayer blessing food or perhaps a prayer for a family member who was ill. When we are gathered around the dinner table and saying grace, blessing our food there was a fortified feeling that gratitude gives to us. The unity of the family around the dinner table all focused upon the blessing of the meal of one another creates a form of thought.

Let us expand this concept to the dinner table of our planet. We are all sitting down to the table and creating a prayer/meditation of Love for ourselves and the planet. So my understanding is that everything in the universe is connected in a force “field” of Oneness. All is consciousness and we are all a part of the whole. What happens then when we come together collectively and focus on an emotion of self-love and love for our planet? We birth a frequency of love and in a sense fertilize and grow this vibration.

Can we actually make a difference? I believe that we can because if one person is able to become a conscious creator and formulate a new thought then the collective can do the same.

When I think about collective consciousness, I see a social phenomenon of a shared belief of values or ideas. I see it as a neuro network of “reality” composed by each who reaffirm and reproduce it. That is why I am fairly careful to what I allow into my reality and how I express it outwardly.

What I resonated to most when Anita Morrow the founder of One Million Meditators approached me to become an ambassador was her global intent. Her vision of One Million Meditators was her simple but powerful premise. “I Love Myself and the Planet”.

In my journey of spirituality, have come to the firm understanding that self-love is the only springboard for any type of assistance to oneself and to any other life form. I believe in planetary frequencies and that we can affect the earth if we choose to focus on love especially when we unite. The One Million Meditators movement is reinforcing its cumulative ball of love like a snowball rolling down a mountain! We are growing! Go and google the query “Can group meditation affect the community” study the science behind groups of meditators that have reduced the amounts of crime in an area. Collective prayer or meditation can affect the community and we can together impact our world.

With the One Million Meditators movement, every meditation we hold, more countries are being represented. We are feeding this baby network and reinforcing it systematically every two months with new ambassadors leading the 15 minute meditations and we also have many that work in the background.

May this movement become contagious and each of you experience the great prize you will receive by loving yourself and of focusing love upon the planet as a whole. Understanding the Law of Oneness is crucial because if we can affect something in a positive way imagine what happens when we feed negativity in watching horrible media and buying into hatred and dissonance between politics and other mass groups that spread fear and dissonance. Feed the white wolf!

You can experience what it feels like to be a part of a beautiful peace and also be examples of love to your children and to others in the world.

With the One Million meditators movement we are given opportunity to help create a better world. This great gift happens we are able to silence the mind, experience calmness and resonate to the frequency of “The Law of Oneness”.

Hummingbird Jewel holds a Doctorate of Divinity and shares her knowledge with her Vibrational Readings and teaches others how to meditate, and become conscious creators. She is also a certified Level Two Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner creator of Jewelia Fragrance Oil and practices and coaches on Relationships, Finances and Reverse Aging. Find out more by visiting or visit her facebook at:

To join the movement for One Million Meditators and participate on elevation of the planet at:

To join the movement and participate on elevation of the planet join the movement at:

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