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Hello and Welcome!  My name is Julia  and I'm also known as Hummingbird Jewel.  As a  Spiritual Philanthropist my vision is to help and educate as many people and their families on how to be best protected in all areas of life.  My design for you would be based on your personalized objectives using a variety of experts as well as my own wisdom to pave the way for your success.  This includes:

Relationships - Self Love, Family, Romance, Overcoming our Habits,

 Physical & Spiritual fitness, Reverse Aging, Your walk with God,

Financial Fitness - Debt Free Life Style & Zero Tax Retirement 

I myself have risen up from many adversities and gained my wisdom through decades of life experience.  Now in my sixties,  I am passionate about my life mission and can hold space and act as your Spiritual Broker to connect you to the best tools and share my knowledge to help your create your blueprint and design for your life.  Aside from overcoming and healing many adversities, I have practical life experience in the world of business and finance.  Most of my life was spent supporting start-ups and corporations in every area while traveling the world. 


After leaving the Securities industries In 2008, I dedicated my life to children and started her own business as A Nanny Extraordinaire while embarking on mission trips to help children.   In 2017, I retired to launch Hummingbird Jewel Enterprises (HBJ Enterprises) focusing on my life mission.  


 In 2020  I  became a licensed Financial Professional so that I could continue  my passion to educate and consult with as many as possible on how to protect/create wealth, manage their assets and live your best life possible in all areas!  I no longer support the securities industries but my desire is to education YOU.  Do not be taken advantage by the system but take advantage of the system!

As a Spiritual Philanthropist and in order to accommodate you my spiritual wisdom sessions are by donation only.  My financial and reverse aging consults are free.   I am passionate about my walk with the Lord and my vision  to help and guide others in all areas.  Everyday, my vision given to me by Jesus Christ is to accomplish my mission statement.  "To Teach Love by Being an Example of Love"



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