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Jewelia Oil

Jewelia fragrance oil is heavenly scent...what is the scent.....shssssss  its a "secret"! 

Imagine walking through a beautiful meadow on a high cliff that over looks the sea...waifs of delicate purple floral notes tantalize d your senses.  Then a chorus of  new flavors blend in with a soft fresh new green spring grass aroma. The wind blows softly and the rays of sunlight bounce off your face as your immerse into bliss.

Jewelia oil has been my signature fragrance since 1979 and has been a "secret" scent and formula.  I am excited to share it with you so that you to can en-JOY the benefits!   .This scent stimulates  the doorway to the heavenly realms and the heart the semblance of love and relationships. 

When wearing  you will feel calm, serene and sensual.  It's a perfect gift to buy for any woman and/or yourself!  This light illuminating scent is fresh clean and crisp.  The fragrance performs a beautiful dance to stimulate your senses and provide a calming sensual experience.   Both men and women are extremely attracted to this aroma and blends perfectly to your pheromones.... it is great for love! 

This one-of-a-kind scent and is available  in two sizes a small roll on bottle .35 oz. to fit in any purse and also a 1 oz roll on that you can use to fill a perfume bottle and have a some left over to carry. 

Hummingbirds represent JOY ... I invite you to en JOY this scentual experience and then see how this delightful fragrance will enhance and compliment your abilities as well as attract others into your life!  All my life, I have been approached and asked "What scent are you wearing?  Now I can offer it to the world!

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