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Spiritual Law of Perpetual Transmutation Harness Your Reins!

The Spiritual Law of Perpetual Transmutation – Get a Grip on the Reigns and Ride into your Future!

The name perpetual speaks unto itself …. endless, never ending, occurring repeatedly. I think of the phrase “ To infinity and beyond”. This is what energy IS and constant motion is a part of the equation.

But bring in the word Transmutation and that is speaking to an entire different concept. Transmutation being: Changing from one form to another form, element or even a “state of being”. The mind may immediately start to envision some kind of science fiction scenario. However, that is what this is really about in two parts one being motion. Nothing stays the same… change is inevitable. Then adding we can change energy from one form to another.

So, do we actually have the power within each and every one of us to make a change to our life conditions? Do these spiritual laws provide the tools to affect such a change? And if so, why are we not trained to understand these principles and spiritual vehicles at an early age?

Maybe, we were in some ways taught. I remember as a child a simple cartoon of the little engine that COULD. “I think I can … I think I can…” as this tiny engine overcame extreme great odds and saved the day with his extraordinary thoughts and accomplished the unthinkable.

If the universe is morphing in and out of form and always in a state of constant motion how does that relate to our ability to utilize this and understand it’s use? We are taught that “higher vibrations” consume “lower vibrations” and this is how we can effect change.

For this to truly have a hold, we first must believe that this is possible. So, that’s where those of us will look at the scientific side of things. The issue is IN “the seen and the unseen”. Any skeptical mind might easily sit aside pondering with one eyebrow raised. Hmmmm…. belief in the unseen. Truly, the proof is in your own life experiences.

The underlying thread of this looks like this: Thoughts are things… they are energy and if we use focused intention we can mutate and create a transformation into whatever we so desire. This formless energy is amenable. Tapping into this limitless inexhaustible energy, we envision the immersion of our focused results right into reality.

As a person thinks so will he/she will become whether that is in the positive or the negative.. One key to this is the acceptance that everything is always changing, Try envisioning a horses harness. So, to “harness” the energy and then utilize it for your higher good is akin to harnessing a horse and steering it in the right direction. If we get upon a horse without a harness then it goes where ever it wants and we are not directing.

Through learning this law, we see that change is all there is. People say "I like things just the way they are", but they are in resistance. Instead of resisting that everything is changing, we can simply decide to change things for our highest good and the highest good of all. The backside is doing nothing and dropping the reins, This will allow the horse to drift where ever it decides to go. We want to be leaders of our destiny. We want to get a grip on the reins, harness the energy and ride into our directed life journey.

How does one tap into this vast universal energy and utilize it? Aside, from belief, we would need to release resistance to the actuality of change. Utilize polarity and understand that both sides of any outcome will create a circuitry. Then we make a decision to utilize focused thoughts upon goodness and desired results. And just think about if the masses would do the same and how we might shift the consciousness of the entire planet with divine oneness.

Basic logic would be to take steps to continual improvements of all aspects of our lives. Then adhere with the adage to “go with the flow” but make sure we have a firm grip on the reins. What we do know is that we ourselves do not create the energy as it exists in the quantum field or also termed as the universal consciousness.

If energy cannot die but it can change form then does that apply to us and our bodies upon death? It would seem appropriate to say that is true. This is where the concept that we do not die would come into fold. What we experience with our senses are a manifestation of energy in various levels of vibration. Effectively an entire sea of motion. The motion is constant and energy is in a constant state of transmission and transmutation. Thus, this law is defining the creative process and the basis of prayer. Prayer is the vein of movement between our spirit and forms with us and through us.

Lets say … We decide to make some ice. First of all water is needed. Water H20 is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in its smallest form and they are in vibration at different speeds. To change the water into ice we have to slow it down. If we sped it up it might be in our iron and turning into steam!

Energy keeps moving into different forms. When we decided to make some ice because we want it for our smoothies in the future this is a conscious mind decision. But, we couldn’t just “think” it into ice. We had to take action. Into the ice tray and freezer the water goes understanding that when the water’s vibration slows it will harden and in other words transmute.

Thought energy – the idea in the mind coupled with physical action and the formless substance can turn into the physical materialization we desire. We can use this process for our benefit by shaping the formless that which is flowing to and through us into either good or bad depending on what our minds are up to and then herein is the question. Are you in charge of your mind or is your mind in charge of you?

What have you created in your circumstances? Whatever or where ever you are at understand this… you can continue to improve any and all aspects of your life and to grow. The idea of divine timing is just that and to stress over why and what you have done in the past will do no good whatsoever. Let us instead focus on the current situations in our lives and the future.

Polarize what you might think is not positive and see the value in it is basically simple. Then get on with a plan for success. We truly tend to get lazy in our negative circumstances and understandably so as we were no all taught that we are conscious creators at an early age. We are each with our own set of transmutable skill sets.

Now, can we turn everything quickly as water into ice? One is not to say, however, experiences have shown that due diligence and repeated reflection can pump up the timeline. The sub-conscious mind must be properly impressed upon and that takes some tuning and time. This is why our own individual frequency attuning ala our vibration is so important.

If we want to change our lives, we must change our thought patterns and images. What do you spend your time thinking about? Are you constantly in the zone of watching a screen or is all your time taken up on repetitive thoughts?

Here is the good thing, there is an infinite supply of energy or raw material. Important components are in the planning and the repetition. Formulation and impression upon the subconscious mind aids in speeding up the process.

So, what about when we are stuck and feeling not so much? Our frequency is not aligning and we just are not in that high vibe state of mind. Well, there is no fear here because guess what energy is always in the flow and YOU have the power to transmute it and make a change.

There is the one or two-day rule. If you in a down cycle give yourself one or two days to enjoy the dark side. Wallow or lick your wounds writing pages of how hard things are or whatever it might be. Then, time for extreme self-care and taking a self-inventory of action to bring yourself back into a high vibrational state of mind. This doesn’t always apply to the more traumatic times in our lives such as losing a loved one but in general allow down times to stew in and then create your come back with vigor.

To sum it all up we have free will. We can change the conditions and the direction of our lives. Take a look at your thoughts, your belief systems, your speech and your actions. What thoughts are you “sending” out into the world or to others? Are you aware of how to raise your vibration and synchronize your frequency? Self-examination is such a wonderful reflection to ponder. Always look for improvements and do not be afraid to ask for help or seek wisdom from others.

Transmute your negative experiences and see the good in them. Free yourself through forgiveness. Move to just a little more positive mindset and then linger there for awhile before climbing the next rung of the ladder.

What can you do uplift the life of others? You can practice sending energy and thoughts to those less fortunate. All of us have this power …the power to change. The higher vibrations will consume the lower and this can be found in the stillness within.

This super power is there for us all and may we focus upon what is good and kind lifting all into high vibe energy. Get excited! Utilize Perpetual Transmutation and ride that horse holding those reigns firm with focused direction to your realized goals!

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