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Balancing Forces with the Spiritual Law of Gender by Julia Rodgers

The first thing one might think about the Law of Gender is the physical differences between men and women. However, differences in sex are but a small part. Think of it more as a reference to production and creation.

In nature, we will witness both aspects of Gender commonly referred to as masculine and feminine. Gender is found in plants and animals with male and female attributes. The other segment of Gender has to do with the gestation period for birth/creation and is also applied to thought and mentality as well.

In looking to ourselves as either male or female it is to be understood that we have both aspects and together they create a synergy when balanced. Within the two divisions sometimes one is more dominant than the other. In general, the feminine is a softer nurturer and masculine a more protective caretaker such as in aspects of providing income. Now that women are in the work force they have exercised their masculine dominant traits . They have become either single wage earners and/or co-providers for their family. Or even as a single female working within the construct of structure her mentality may adhere to the masculine environment and mindset with her career. On the flip side, men can also be very sensitive and soft enjoying their feelings and in touch with their emotions. Basically, we are capable of utilizing and differentiate between the two labels of each gender qualities.

This law as it speaks to gestation is how all things have a systematic way of growing, maturing and blooming whether it be a time before a birthing or a seed planted and sprouting until it bears its fruit. The analogy of planting a garden is an easy one to demonstrate how the Law of Gender can attribute to our creation attempts whether it be physical or as a goal. A redwood tree will takes many years to attain its final status as a giant where a morning glory will flower within two weeks.

As we apply the Law of Gender to our dreams and goals, we need to understand that instant materialization isn’t the norm. It is possible to have a spontaneous healing or experience realized goals instantly; however, the norm applies to the basics of gestation. This means that things take time to spark, ignite, and flourish and it is dependent about many factors including the type of desired goal.

Have you ever over watered a relationship? Like a tiny seed that is consistently being prodded, the soil disturbed and overwatered it will barely survive. The same applies to a relationship where one person is constantly imposing rules, needing contact all the time and is always pressuring the other for more time, attention. The relationship will be strained. The key is recognizing and understanding the gestation in all things and to not pressure nor give up before the final outcome has unfolded. We cannot always put a time table to our wants and desires.

In order to keep our path balanced as to Gender, we attempt to create a synergy between our male/female qualities. In reviewing the three planes of the physical, spiritual and mental ……..gender will be a part of everything.

With the physical plane we manifest this principle as sex and on the higher planes it may morphs into higher forms but nonetheless nothing is created without Gender. With our left/and right brains we are androgynous even though our physical bodies are different in male/female physiology. So, we are striving for a balance between male/female aspects and the heavenly/earthly aspects of oneself. Our pschologically is mated with both male and female qualities and each brain a left and a right side.

Then we have the spiritual plane. Our soul and our ego will keep us in check. Ego has gotten a bad rap and it can be a tough nut to crack as it is fierce with its duty to protect and strong desire to be in charge. Soul is creating the longing for us to accomplish our life mission and will also give a great shine to beckon us to awaken. It is a little bit of push me pull me. There must be a congruent partnership with the two in order to facilitate flow, cohesion and co-creation.

With the mental plane we can use the bicycle analogy… the child learning to ride falls over many times and each time wobbles a little longer. Then that final attempt when they no longer need training wheels and finally experience the balance needed to ride and never again forgets. These forces are of our mental gender identification. In the masculine the directional pull it would be giving and expression. The use of will is also a factor. Feminine mentalism is impression and generation of ideas, thoughts and concepts. When forces are simpatico the masculine and feminine in balance the results are: crafted thought and action giving birth successful to endeavors.

As we study the laws of the universe and understand how they ebb and flow so then we will begin to master the balancing act. It will become apparent in how to gain achievement via time and energy expenditure. The eventuality is mastering the habitual sense to remain in the center.

This blueprint is the gender principle and without it creation is unable to manifest into being. The Law of Gender is in everything and whether it is organic or not it applies at some level. The same goal applies being the unification and attainment of energetic balance.

This law is somewhat convoluted with the Law of Polarity in that both genders are arranged simultaneously and the circuitry flowing is magnetic north to south moving in opposing directions. Although the male and female physically may flow in a vibrational interaction there is a certain mirroring correspondence between positive and negative polarity.

The Law of Gender has also been referred to as the Law of Gestation. There is an intermediary space or break between spiritual and physical materialization. There can be different periods in the time construct or breaks depending on what the manifestation might be. Its dependent upon the frequency that is held to attract it into the creation. Thus, there needs to be both masculine and feminine energy balanced. Then the higher self which is androgynous waits to unite with the lower bodies.

Where we may interrupt the flow will be with our own doubts and assertions to when and how much time will it take for the gestation. Once our questioning starts, we drop our frequency and down fall to a different level. As this is easy to do you and you will recognize it by realizing you just fell off the wall. This is the analogy of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

In this rhyme, Humpty Dumpty (a large Egg character) nursery rhyme, he falls off the wall and breaks into pieces. The rhyme says that all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty back together again. But, we as individuals cannot afford to wait for others to fix us. What if Humpty can put himself back together and utilize the spiritual principle of perseverance? We brush ourselves off and put the pieces back together and back up on the wall! Falling off the wall can be what happens when we are out of balance with our male/female energy. When off balance the results are not always kind.

So many of us get frustrated when our results do not appear in the time frame that we think that it should. Many of our fellows will also cause us doubt and encourage us to give up. It is crucial to stick with those that support us or are on a similar frequency and that they are not dream killers. Continue to nurture your goals and to activate the Law of Gender by opening your heart center and planting the seeds of your desires.

Understanding that you relax into the process utilizing right and left sides of our minds for coherence charges the full flow of the neuropath and energy body. In doing so, we ride the pathways for innovation, creation and alignment.

The Law of Gender expresses both the feminine and the masculine. These two principles are the basis for all creation. Further, practice and utilization of this law is a great source of your individual power.

We balance our thoughts, our actions and learn to harbor our reactions and responses. It is a practice point for the foundation for self-realization. Let your souls rise and remember to have a stealth mode of focus during the process. Allow ego to listen to your inner guidance and attain a point of stillness….. That is when the fun begins!

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