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The Spiritual Law of Correspondence.... Reflect high Vibrancy and shift to an Image of Love

The Law of Correspondence in simple terms says that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. Our reality is a result of our inner most dominant thoughts. If our life is filled with unhappiness, chaos or is just straight up unfulfilling, it is because that's how we are on the inside. And, of course vice-versa we can be healthy, joyful, loving and/or a combination of both scenarios.

How is your current reality? Are you living in the “now” or in the future or the past? Today, this law is telling us that our reality is a result of our own holographic creation. What program is running in the back ground … meaning your subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that holds your programming like a computer that has loaded software. Tapes (beliefs) that continue to play over and over. Some of our programming we may not even be aware of as these beliefs were uploaded early in childhood.

Your “mind” consists of all those endless thoughts... called your ego which is the gate keeper and protector to your subconscious mind. Then we have our physical structure our beautiful body which is run by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes care of every cell, every organ and every breathe. The subconscious mind never sleeps. However, it is when we sleep that the subconscious mind does its work on calibration of your body. Thus why deep sleep is so important.

Your mind/ego it thinks that it’s job is to run the show and keep anything from messing with the subconscious mind. But…. do we want the ego mind running the show? No, we do not want our mind our endless streaming of thoughts to be in control or kicking out any new realizations or changes you are attempting to make. We want to operate from our "soul".

Here is the question for you to ask yourself right now. Who Am I? Are you your subconscious mind? Are you your body? Are you your ego/mind? You want to be connected to your higher self.... your soul.

You are awareness, you are the observer and you are a soul spark from the consciousness of one. Again, to repeat, our reality is a result of all the “inner” workings of our body, mind/ego and subconscious. The Law of Correspondence says that we are a mirror to what is going on “inside” of us! We connect to our soul via meditation, mindfulness and the ability to be the observer in the "now".

What are you feeding your body, your soul, your mind? Take inventory of what you put in your body, what is influencing your thoughts. Then exam your beliefs which a great way to start making any adjustments that you might want to make. If everything is fine we can always fortify our energy, our vibration and our frequency.

If we are weak in some areas then get practical and come up with a plan of action to make the changes that will reflect how you want your world to be. Time for that attitude check up! Also be aware of what is “feeding” off your energy. And more important what are you voluntarily giving your energy too? What are you feeding your body physically and are you allowing time for relaxation. Are you hydrating and managing liquids. What are you listening too to manage your bodies frequency?

I remember being so depressed that I actually thought of myself as the “King of Pain”. I used excessive alcohol to feel better but alcohol is a “depressant”. I’m not against drinking but for me it wasn’t used as a normal person would like one glass of red wine with dinner. I took anti-depressants and anxiety medication. In short, I was a mess. And guess what … my outside reflected? I had to figure out what my underlying beliefs were and dig deep to figure out my pain, face my traumas and investigate myself and my life track. Even today, in my 60's am still on my journey to be the best I can be.

It is so easy to want to “blame” someone or something else such as an institution for what is wrong in our lives. What if we took our power back and experienced what it feels like to forgive? Or refuse to give our angst over to a lower frequency of negative media or "stories". For me, I forgave my molesters. They were deep wounds that I used as “poor poor me” and guess what I was living a poor life!

Now, forgiving them didn’t mean I had to “love” them or shake hands or even speak to them. It was my souls deep understanding that they were sick men and that I was a small child and it wasn't my fault. I realized that I could use my experience to help other people because I had the empathy and experience! I did the work and investigated the experiences and forgave them and myself. I took my power back and my wounds were healed. I can now speak to it and share with others to help and uplift them.

Whatever, hardship, trauma, sadness, grief that you are holding on too … ask for help if you need too! There are people that can help. I myself relied heavily on books. Remember your inner world represents your outer world… the mirrored reflection.

The Law of Correspondence will say that its about communication with the different parts of ourselves as just described. The inner and the outer mirroring .. but as I alluded to there is the third essential key and that is your “higher self” you soul. Who am I? When we take back control from ego/mind and utilize it we take advantage of our guard dog and honor the mind. Then we examine our beliefs and work together with our mind to make the changes that are needed. The subconscious mind will correspond to the new inputs and we can change from within. A cohesive alliance within ourselves to achieve the benefits of healthy mind body and spiritual balance.

When we realize that we are more than our physical bodies, we can begin to take control over our thinking. This is powerful. If your experiencing negativity … then this is time for “advantage” Recognize that somewhere there is disharmony in the inner world. Your mirror is being reflected. So, why allow something that someone else did to you in your “past” continue to wreak havoc in your now? Are you storing these disharmonies in your body? If so you are NOT mirroring your TRUE self but the hurt self.

So keeping with the Law of Vibration we are all energy and frequency. If our reflection is of lower thoughts, then we pull towards us a frequency that will match. To utilize the Law of Correspondence we are asked to acknowledge any old wounds or current issues until we are “healed”. When we work through our challenges or accept them we align with divine wisdom.

So how do we do this in the middle of chaos? Again, question yourself and get to where you are the observer and not a muddling of bouncing thoughts! We can start by observing… we discover and understand that chaos is the lower frequencies happening. Then we create a plan to eradicate.. One tool that I learned in studying the Kabbalah is to learn the art of doing the “opposite”. At first, it was hard for me but then I learned to stop and harness my actions. Here are examples:

Once you are criticized ---- offer praise to someone

Experiencing a Fear? ---- Give someone reassurance

If you are in physical pain? -----Give a remedy that worked for you to someone

It works with most every scenario … and creates the energy that you want to reflect back to you.

Practicing and applying opposing forces as well as the realization that you are more a “spiritual” being versus a physical one running off programs and full of endless thoughts can shift your reality.

Further examination of this law is to understand the three planes of existence:




This trinity is the basis of our souls desire to bring heaven to earth. Each plane has its own vibratory resonance. And each has a correspondence to one another and harmony is a key concept as well as the concept of divine “oneness. The universal mind “divine intelligence” is liken to a force field which I have always seen as golden liquid light (my concept of God) .. which to me looks like beautiful sparkling radiant honey. So here is where it gets really good… this is the Law that holds it all together.. the Oneness. Essentially is is the superglue that hold the three planes together.

If this knowledge sinks in an your understanding that all exists simultaneously in each moment herein lies the power to affect any and all things. When the mind and soul together connect to the SUPER-conscious mind divine intelligence and now we begin to co-create.

It is easy to get distracted by the physical and our luscious five senses. We easily forget the power within and the art of centering. We want to do our spiritual push-ups using the spiritual principle of discipline. The power of will comes from the heart. The heart/mind coherence and an attuned frequency allows us to connect to multi-dimensional realities.

If you have gotten this far in studying the spiritual laws and putting them all together you will understand the power of The Law of Correspondence. We do not have to depend on outside sources to expand. We are sparks of the creator …on this spiritual journey. All of our experiences are reflected in our world and even if some are perceived as not so good or even really bad….. know that we can transmute them and utilize our ability to process and heal ourselves and our world.

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