My story.....

I began to have spiritual experiences as a very young child. One was a memorable out of body experience with  angelic beings who showed me other realms as well as clairvoyant visions.  I also began to understand that I was creating outcomes and that my thoughts were turning into my reality. When I was eight years old made the firm decision to see the Midnight Sun in Norway after my Norwegian step-father told me a story from his childhood.. At age sixteen, I was alone inside the Arctic circle in Bodo Norway watching the sun set at midnight and rise in front of my eyes. It took me years to understand how powerful our thoughts can be and then to develop systems to enhance our innate abilities .  I also have studied and understand that early in life, we can imprint certain ideologies which can cause blocks.  These blocks  might keep us from manifesting our dreams and aspirations. So, no matter how much we use different tools they seem not to work. In my experience,  we can affect our own lives, our future and our health.  I would love to work with you on such matters.

After my experience in Norway, I continued to travel the world and have visited over 20 countries as well as many parts of the United States. I have had life changing experiences, explored  a variety of spiritual paths and am always continuing to develop my gifts and abilities.


Honestly, I wasn’t all that comfortable with being psychic to tell you the truth.  I was actually quite skeptical!   I eventually came to see that my gifts were of great

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benefit to others. I began to work as a Psychic and began to give readings in the late 90’s. I developed my ability to read others, facilitate in assisting others to heal and was given by divine messages a meditation on our energy centers.  I describe my readings as vibrational.  I love the comparison of the hummingbirds wings vibrating.  I resonate to a person’s soul receiving guidance from that which is of the light and my concept of God.


I receive the information by connecting to my higher self, the super conscious mind.   I utilize love and am but a conduit. In other words I am not healing but facilitating like a lightning rod of sorts.  It is my goal to assist you to connect to this ability in my teachings and to help you facilitate your own healing, achieve your goals, and give you a snap shot of how your life is evolving at present.


 do not believe in coincidences as it pertains to those that I will serve.  I will be able to teach, assist, guide, support and facilitate great adventures for those who resonate to me. I am not one to reinvent the wheel or attempt to re-create another  teachers methods and will always give you tools from another teacher and refer you to them if that is what would benefit you the most.  

Health, wellness and reverse aging, relationship issues, physical and financial fitness are also topics I will share with you as one of my special clients. I have different client plans, bronze, silver and gold if you are interested in working one on one.  This will reduce the hourly donation cost.  I will share my secrets with you and help you to enhance your life!  I am and will be representing products that I use personally,  Of course matters of relationships can be looked at each individually and we can formulate a plan to accommodate your desired outcome.  However, I believe the most important one is  and the relationship with yourself.   

I am full of wisdom turning 61 in 2019 and can touch upon different mediums of healthful living including meditation which I have found to be an invaluable tool to staying youthful and energetic. I am also very excited to launch my secret proprietary blend, a signature scent “Jewelia” which is both mystical and “scentual."   This unique never before introduced blend of fragrance oils will be sure to enhance your meditations and also a be calming and enticing "scentual" aroma.  Everyone will ask you... "what are you wearing?"   Please peruse all the pages on my site and understand that I am a gifted psychic but also can provide your with years of experience in life matters concerning relationships, finances and business.  I have 35 years experience in the business world and along the way come upon many skill sets  to help you along your way in life!  One is how to set up your own side-gig and develop your business! 

It is my hope that my mission in life “To Teach Love by being an Example of Love” will touch your heart and I invite you to read through my pages and enter the doorways into the worlds of Hummingbird Jewel!  Let’s get started.  I so look forward to meeting you whether it be in person, online or by telephone.  Just drop me a line and we can get you started on a fabulous fun journey!