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Spiritual Philanthropy.....

through God's Word

Hummingbird - Seals & Croft
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To Teach Love by being an Example of Love......    my mission statement came to me after reading the bible in my late forties.  Although, it would take many years to fully come to realize God's word am so very full of Grace and delight to share the joy of the Hummingbird and bring any kind

of Enhancement into your life.

Healthy Spiritual  Life Style: In these times mental health is first and foremost.  A clear plan of action for increasing our overall happiness on a daily basis is of utmost importance.  Establishing healthy relationships that are God centered and a connection to power through Gods word.   How to utilize the power of confidence development and bring forth an awareness of our inner mind.   How can you Increase your relationship with the lord and obtain ease with a postive o evolution and give strength  of your unique  For me in it found in the word of the Lord. 

Wellness: I am in my 60's and am enjoying my aging through use of holistic products, awareness of my mental constructs and physical education. 

I incorporate a  clean Live-it (no diet), seek out reasonable exercise for my body.  I have learned to enjoy praying and fasting as a spiritual tool! I encourage you to look to your personal prayer/meditation path to help you on your growth and to seek the protection that the Lord has to give to you. 

Financial Fitness:  As a licensed professional,  I can direct you to my partner Marti Rogers who can give  you your own personal financial analysis!  She can get you to the   the areas that are the most concern to you and your family.  She has access to over 50 top rated companies that can assist you in all areas.  She will also review your current trajectory to see if your in need of a re-boot!  Its really fun and enlightening as self examination is of utmost value.  She will fine tune your financial plan and make sure it is growing safely, owned solely by you not another company. Also review entities that have fees, penalties and is subject to taxation that is uncertain in the future.  

    Some areas of financial fitness could be: 

     Debt Free Living  -  Utilize a plan to reduce debt or if you are in a large debt status we can work with a reputable company to consolidate  Living Debt free is the ultimate freedom and the foundation to building wealth.

     Retirement Planning - How to accomplish a legal Zero tax strategy for a safe retirement and how YOU can be your own bank.  Learn why you want to be the owner of your retirement and achieve a safe growth.  Learn how to become an "owner" of your money and not leave it in the hands of a company and subject to the stock markets fluctuations and the governments ability to raise taxes at anytime. 


     Legacy Structure - You can create your own Will, Trust & Digital Vault from the comfort of your home.  When we learn how to avoid probate, excess death taxes and leave a personal message in the form of video's and a digital book of memories for generations to come is priceless.  

Contact me  and I can get you set up for a  free consultation in any of these areas! 

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