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Jewelia a new fragrance shhssssshhh.. its a secret!

What an amazing response to my new signature fragrance oil! I wanted to share the information that you will receive when ordering a bottle of oil and a perfume bottle! Jewelia makes the perfect gift so buy one for you and one to set aside for that special occasion!

There are many other ways to use your Jewelia oil in the home other than as a perfume fragrance!

· As an air freshener – Add a few drops to a plastic spray bottle and mix with water. The spray should come out in a fine mist. Avoid spraying into the eyes of people or pets

· In an oil burner - adhere to the directions of the oil burner and use 3-4 drops

· Freshen your carpets - Add to baking soda or corn starch mix well. Let it sit then shake it on the carpet and vacuum. You can test a small area of your carpet first.

· Cover Foot odor - Add a drop of oil to the insole of your shoes to add a fresh smell

· Soak a cotton ball and apply a small amount to a light bulb that is not turned on. Avoid putting on an incandescent or halogen light bulbs as they get very hot.

· Apply onto a greeting card or stationery. Put a few drops onto a paper towel then insert the paper towel and the stationery and/or card into a plastic bag and seal.

· Freshen your drawers – take a small sheet of fabric scent with oil or use a small cotton ball

· Add to unscented lotions or shampoo. Use 7-10 drops of oil per ounce

How to Fill you Perfume Bottle

· Find a safe place with a smooth surface and put a paper towel, towel or handkerchief down. (use a material that you do not care if it leaves a stain). This way if you spill a drop or so you can use it to scent a drawer.

· Pick a time when you will not be interrupted. Make sure you do not leave your oil where a child or pet can disturb it.

· Remove the roll-on stopper by holding tightly onto the bottle on a smooth surface and popping it off. This takes a little finesse as it is in there tightly.

· Remove the perfume bottle stopper and insert the funnel on top.

· Note: Use the funnel and slowly pour in the oil into your perfume bottle. Or some like to use an eye dropper to transfer the oil from the Jewelia oil bottle to the funnel.

· Remember that you have a perfume bottle stopper to re-insert and so do not fill your perfume bottle to the top.

· Make sure to put the plastic roll on stopper back in and screw the lid on tightly. Remember to put the oil and your perfume bottle in a safe place outside the reach of curious children and pets.

How to Use Jewelia Oil

Always with any fragrance oil it is good to first test on a small area before spreading it liberally. If your skin has a negative reaction, discontinue use.

Unscrew the top and glide the roll-on and touch to the inside of each wrist. Wait and experience the aroma! Once you have determined that this scentual experience is more than you ever imagined try using different pulse points. The body heat generated by pulse points helps intensify fragrance, and can often diffuse, magnify and amplify a scent. Although pulse point application has its benefits, fragrance can be applied pretty much anywhere on the physical body (barring sensitive private parts).

A little fragrance in the hair is an effective way of prolonging the life of the scent. I just put a little on the very ends of my hair.

Also, rubbing your wrists together when applying fragrance creates a heat which can accelerate the evaporation of the top notes. I will rub my wrists together to blend and then rub my pulse points of my neck with my wrists.

How much oil you use is up to you, Jewelia oil is alcohol free, so it may take a minute or two for the slowly warming scent to emit its full bouquet. The fragrance will be smoother and better balanced than any alcohol-driven aroma and well worth the wait.

Jewelia fragrance oil lasts on most people six to twenty-four hours, depending upon skin type, evaporating naturally during the course of the day. Some commercial perfumes spoil, sometimes in as little as twelve months, but Jewelia fragrance oil retains its fragrance year after year. The scent of the fragrance is described on the webpage.

What's in it.... it's a proprietary formula but once you experience it... you will want to keep it a secret... everyone will ask you..what is that scent are you wearing! Have fun choosing your special perfume bottle!

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