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 Now is the time for us to become spiritually fit.  When we examine our lives and what our principles and values speak to it is easy to come to the conclusion that there are only two choices... truth or lies.  What are you listening to?  The layers of duplicity in this world run deep and it is so easy to be subdued by programming (literally TV programming) and anything that distracts you from what is really crucial.  

When I was a young child, had just a taste of Jesus and the Lord's word.  I learned the Lord's prayer and was able to attend vacation bible school which was a relief from my abusive home.  It was then my mother would pull the rug out from beneath me and she told me that there was no God.  That everything I learned in Church was a lie.  She told me "Think about it.. how could God create the world in 7 days?"  Then she went on to say that Christians were evil and only after money.  I was devastated.

My upbringing was one of many abuses... verbal, physical, sexual and spiritual.  However, the Lord never left me and although it would take me over fifty years and many years of both my personal downfalls and service in the name of love to come back home to Christ but most important to understand the depths of the enemy.  You see, although I did come to Christ in my forties...  I did NOT believe in the darkness nor understand the depths of evil. 

"ROMANS 12:6  Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith"

In my many years of making mistakes and breaking all the commandments, I came to a place of non judgment to anyone.   I never charge for my advice.  It is up to you if you choose to donate.  My wisdom comes from years of "overcoming".  Overcoming:  Drugs and Alcohol (20 years sober), Depression, Addiction to Abandonment,  Childhood Verbal/Physical Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Relationship recovery and more....  I have also spent years studying different religious concepts.  I was a yoga teacher, I spent a few years in Tibetan Buddhism and many many New Age beliefs.  I do not pass judgment on anyone but have found that Gods supernatural word is the Truth.   The best way to reach out to me if via email:    It is my gift to speak into your life and give to you any kind of comfort that you might be seeking.  

Vibrational Consultations

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    I am a Vibrational Spiritual Philanthropist giving my gifts to humanity to help and lift others.  My life wisdom is vast and my mission is:

                                                              "To Teach Love by being an Example of Love"


 All sessions are by donation if you wish and the amount given from your heart.  I will donate 10%  of what you to charity

I do ask that your donation be received prior to the session.  If you are unable to use Paypal let me know as I also have Venmo 


All sessions must be scheduled.  Please feel free to email me at : to book your life guidance 30 minute session.

Make sure to peruse all the pages The Relationship Whisper and the Testimonials pages, My store and my blog!  I have so much to offer you and look forward to touching your life in a positive way.


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