For me any new client is a blessing and is considered to be a part of my family.  I do not believe in coincidences and out of all the people in the world you and I have connected!  My vibrational readings will give you a snapshot of what things look like for you at this time.  My clients receive so much validation on particular aspects of their lives and that is always a comfort.  Each reading is personalized for you and I utilize a method that covers ten aspects of your life at this  time and how things look in the near future.  I  prefer to know very little about my new clients on the "initial first read".   It is suggested that a first read be a full 45-60 minute reading so we can get to the heart of your deepest needs and desires.  I AM very solution orientated and have many tools in my toolbox to assist you to reach your potential in any given area!  Most of all readings are FUN!   

I will ask you for your name and date of birth. ( I am not an astrologer but use your date of birth and name to connect with my Angels and then to you).  I then will perform the reading and at the end you will have an opportunity to ask questions to clarify or cover anything that hasn't been touched upon. I am clairvoyant and also utilize the tarot.  I do sometimes receive messages from those who have passed on or sometimes even pets but this will  happens organically during the readings and it might  not happen until I have read you a few times.  After the first read,  (email, phone, chat or video) we will become more conversational and it is my way to be suggesting tools and "next" steps as we work through creating your dreams and or working on issues together.  This is where the wisdom/coaching is implemented and milestones are accomplished whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical or financial progression and development is the ultimate goal!   Please read through all my pages on Financial Fitness, The Relationship Whisperer and the Testimonials!  

Vibrational Readings

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All readings must be scheduled. Send me a message through my site or my email and I will let you know when my availability will be and depending upon the urgency will always put your soul purpose as a high priority  If you are on my facebook then use of face book messenger is also fine.  All readings are by donation which I will discuss with you prior to the reading and 10% will be given to charity.  An established client will receive perks of additional time,  reverse aging products, fragrance samples and free birthday readings!  I will also give free time to those who refer a client which is always the ultimate compliment.   Suggested donations are:  $160.00 hr. ***  $ 90.00 30 minutes  ****$60 for 20 minutes

Please send your donation prior to the reading using my "donation button" at the top of the page.  You may send it the day of the reading.  All readings must be scheduled.  Please feel free to email me at : if you have any questions!  

HBE is  NOT on a psychic phone line so when there is a phone reading there will be some chatting time prior to the read and after the reading.  This means I do not use a "stop" watch and cut you off.  I like to chat a little, then we do the read and then chat time  after to digress.  So for each reading one should add 10-20 mins to the time when we are simply greeting each other etc. and of course this is NO charge to you!   Email readings as below receive a 15 min phone call for no charge if needed after receipt of the reading.  

Different forums to do your personalized Hummingbird Vibrational Readings! 

   *  Face to Face-   Always the most fun!  If your in the Houston area lets arrange it! 

  • Email Readings: I will type out your  reading and it will be sent to you!  Many of my clients love this method because "they have it in writing" and can refer back to it.  These readings are only "full" readings only ($160.00 donation)  as it takes me  1-2 hours and sometimes much more to receive and translate the transmission.  I will always ask if you have  any questions or if we need to have a quick chat by telephone to go over any part of the reading (no extra charge).  I find it interesting that most never do?  Is it odd or is it God?   I always love feedback, so I know that you are satisfied.  I will try to have the reading done within 3 days of the request.  This is good for me because I can pray and meditate over your life prior to the reading.  You may state a question(s)  if you are looking for a particular answer or affirmation on a subject.

  • Phone Readings: We can talk over the phone.  Phone readings can be as short as 15 minute and as long as an hour.  If you have recently had a full reading sometimes the short 15 minute touch up on a particular matter is needed.

  • Via Chat Messenger: I do have Facebook messenger and we can do the reading this way again at 15 minute increments

  • Via Video Messenger: Facebook video works great over the phone or computer.  Skype?  ZOOM? 

  • Group Parties Online or Face-to-Face -  Include psychic readings at your next party!  A perfect compliment to your products parties if you are a multi-level marketing sales partner or for your bachelorette party!  I can give each party participant a 15 minute read over the computer or at your home.

  • Gift Certificates:  Give the gift of a reading to a friend or family member.  Please make sure you have their permission.  


I would be glad to answer any questions that you might have about Hummingbird Jewel's vibrational readings. Feel free to contact me. To request a reading, please complete the form below

Make sure to peruse all the pages Financial Fitness, The Relationship Whisper and the Testimonials pages!  I have so much to offer you and we can also discuss premium packages where you can receive a variety of services at a reduced rate!