Hello!  I do not believe in coincidences and out of all the people in the world you and I have connected!  My vibrational sessions will give you a snapshot of what things look like for you at this time.  You will receive validation on particular aspects of your life and tools to deal with the areas that you need most at this time.  Each consult is personalized for you and I utilize a method that covers ten aspects of your life at this  time and how things look in the near future.    I AM very solution orientated and have many tools in my toolbox to assist you to reach your potential in any given area!  The sessions are 30 minutes and I consider myself a "Spiritual Broker" meaning that depending on what you are working on, I will refer you to books, videos, YouTube channels, and other teachers so you can empower yourself.   

 This is where the wisdom/coaching is implemented and milestones are accomplished whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical or financial progression and development is the ultimate goal!   Please read through all my pages on Financial Fitness, The Relationship Whisperer and the Testimonials!  

Vibrational Consultations

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    I am a Vibrational Spiritual Philanthropist giving my gifts to humanity to help and lift others.  My life wisdom is vast and my mission is:

                                                              "To Teach Love by being an Example of Love"


 All sessions are by donation if you wish and the amount given from your heart.  I will donate 10%  of what you to charity

I do ask that your donation be received prior to the session.  If you are unable to use Paypal let me know as I also have Venmo 


All sessions must be scheduled.  Please feel free to email me at :  hummingbirdjewel@yahoo.com to book your life guidance 30 minute session.

Make sure to peruse all the pages The Relationship Whisper and the Testimonials pages, My store and my blog!  I have so much to offer you and look forward to touching your life in a positive way.