Financial Fitness

Spend Sum, Save Sum and Give Sum!  

This is my trajectory for the path to financial fitness!  Are your finances healthy?  We seem to always be focused on where money is GOING and ( taught to budget and account) but what about how it is FLOWING to you?

We have spent many years reading and fine tuning manifestations process's, creating vision boards, using our thoughts and does any of this work?  Yes, it can but there is some fine tuning that needs to occur and skill-sets to put in place. I have used many of the a-bun-dance tools that helped me reconcile with how I view money and how best to make peace with my perception of creating wealth.

Just like when we go to the gym, walk or whatever exercise we do for our body we also need to exercise our finance muscles!  I call it  FINANCIAL FITNESS!  

I am a firm belief in living a debt free lifestyle.  I  can outline a proven system and it works!    I am more than willing to share the process with you and if you would like we delve into the details and develop a plan!    I do not do "canned" processes'  I tailor to you and your circumstances.  I have over 35 years of business background which includes working as a paralegal, purchasing agent, accounting specialist, business management and many years in Human Resources.  I am spiritual but also practical and when your combine the two you can obtain real results.

SPEND sum!  I do believe in purchasing nice things and it there is nothing wrong with having "stuff" as long as the "stuff" does not have us!  I myself would rather buy two expensive beautiful boutique dresses a year to add to my collection than twelve on sale 1/2 priced cheaper garments that everybody could buy.  I have many fun tips on how to spend money but always get a better price and or accumulate points for cash!    In all the spending we cannot forget to SAVE sum!   Having a Peace Of Mind fund which I call the POM fund is essential.  

Money doesn't grow on trees!  Or does it?  What are our beliefs in relation to money, abundance and acquiring wealth? Having come from a place of lack in my past have many tools in my toolbox to share with you to overcome our money blocks.


In the trilogy of the title GIVE SUM has got to be the best secret of all.    When we give, we create a vortex of happiness that is undeniable and without any reservation for me the best way to have SUM flow to you.  What?  You give and then it just flows to you?  This is a spiritual axiom and one that is pretty much a guarantee.

It comes down to this ... at the end of you life... will it be a portfolio that you are remembered by or companies you created and sold for millions?  Or will it be a young man or woman that you helped put through college by a scholarship or the volunteer work you performed for your favorite charity?

Do you have to give SUM currency to achieve this status ... ab-soul-utley not.   Your soul has abs  did you know that?  Just a play on words... ab-soul-utes are about seeing results in your inner being.  Your soul becomes a glow and with that doors open that you have never experienced before.    Give SUM currency,  Give SUM time,  GIVE sum encouragement ... and the results will be you feeling rich with love! 

As part of my mission to Teach Love by Example of being Love is to demonstrate how my life has been forever changed through service unto others.  I'm not sharing this to get accolades.  I have received so much from it already that there is really nothing more to gain.  However, I want to encourage you to weave it into your financial fitness plan!   Make financial fitness FUN with Hummingbird Jewel's proven methods and watch as your money muscles grow!