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- Catherine Wippel -


"My first reading with Julia was a face to face session in 1997. It was the first time I met her and her vision and wisdom was spot on. We've both since traveled to other parts of the country and I always return to her for guidance and whether email or via phone, she still nails it."

- Becca Behnke  -


I hope that by providing my testimony on how Julia helped me and my family that you will give her an opportunity to help you in your hour of need. Just let me say this first, I have a healthy faith in God and my religion and I also have a healthy and robust belief in the supernatural. I believe that certain healers and angels live among us and that is what I really liked about Julia.The pairing of faith, angels, the Divine and the science of energy work,  physics and it’s understanding of energy. She spoke my language. This is my story and why I would recommend Julia. 

6 years, four months and fourteen days ago my son was involved in a horrific tragic accident resulting in the death of his beloved girlfriend. He was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in the Texas state prison system. Unbeknownst to me, Julia was in a secret Facebook group where she read about my son’s predicament.


Julia then began to write to my son in prison.  She wrote so much that I started to notice.  Who was this woman writing to my son as much as I was.   Julia felt a calling to reach out to me after reading a post about my son not getting parole. She contacted me via face book.   I didn’t really question why some stranger would reach out to me because I have always believed that God works in mysterious ways. Not only was Julia able to speak with wisdom to my son’s situation and she also described spiritual aspects to me. That is how I knew Julia was for real.


The young woman who was deceased was almost always near me following the accident ”looking for my son.” And she would stand near my bed asking where he was. I would tell her “ He’s not here,  he’s in jail.” And she would say “but why, he didn’t do anything.” 

My son was convicted a year and a half later and I drove him to county jail where he was to be transferred 8 weeks later to state prison. That was when I seriously needed Julia. I was worried about his safety - including mental, emotional, and physical. Julia began to help me visualize and move into the future to a place where my son would return home to me safe and sound. Not only did she pray with me, she gave me actual tools to help me visualize the future. She guided me with reading materials, meditation websites, intention worksheets and endless encouragement. I felt like I had a guide while I struggled alone in the wilderness, in that place between the earth under my feet while my heart and soul fluttered in the dark near that prison where my son lay his head every night.


Julia also sent my son books to encourage him, she wrote him endless letters, sent him money for his commissary and drove over two hours to visit him on more than one occasion.

I truly cannot say enough about Julia. After I called her to tell her he had made parole, we cried together, and we planned on her being here for his homecoming party. She was here with us that night and she will forever be a part of my life. We are so fortunate that she heard our cry for help. Please consider letting Julia help you and yours!  And in closing ... Julia did not charge or ask for money ever.  

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