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The Spiritual Law of Polarity - Polar Flip and Ignite Your Flashlight of Desires

Have you ever attempted to change out batteries in your remote or on your flashlight? Electrical polarity is used in terms for industries that involve electricity.

There are two types of poles:

1. Plus (+)

2. Negative (-)

For electrical purposes this is about the circuits. A battery has a positive terminal (+pole) and a negative terminal (-pole). If, we do not insert the batteries correctly two positives or two negatives we will not complete the circuit. In essence “polarity” is essential for operation.

The Spiritual Law of Polarity is somewhat the same in that everything has an equal and exact opposite. Without the contrast of sadness, we might not experience happiness. We can experience the pleasure of success when we have felt the disappointment of failure. Simply stated for anything to exist there is an opposite of it to match.

When determining what a person might want in life often it is easier to write down on a list what one doesn’t want and then reverse. This is the “polar flip”. But here is the secret. To polarize the want or the desire, we examine and think through what we do not want as well as what we do want.

One needs to be able to be in acceptance if what we desire doesn’t come to fruition. Or at minimum be lenient and flexible if it comes through in a different version. If we are not pliant with an alternative version could possibly be thwarting what would become an even better outcome.

Give divine intelligence the wherewithal to adjust what might be our limited view of our dreams. We can be enthusiastically influenced by sudden desires that seem to be a great ideas at the time. Then off to the races running with it before we have thoroughly examined all aspects.

Also, we ourselves might even limit the expansion of said idea. We have all heard of inventors working furiously on a project and then all of a sudden they discover a completely different product than what they started out to create. Or you think a certain wage is fabulous when you could be receiving three times that amount.

Examine and polarize the two sides to your objectives and truly be neutral if it is not achieved exactly as you envision. Being neutral is different than disappointment or second guessing oneself. When putting the batteries in the wrong way… we do not complete the circuit. Hence, no light because you have positive (+) to positive (+) right?

The same with two negatives. If you have “doubt” that you could ever achieve the “want” then in effect you have two negatives (-) and again no light.

Doubting and accepting are two different scenarios.

If we polarize our wants/desires we in essence ignite them.

You observe both sides of your list:

1. What I desire/want/goal

2. What if I do not receive the desired out come

3. Circuitry

One method to create a neutrality, is to utilize a caveat that in effect says: Although I really “think” I want this “item, relationship, achievement etc.” I give the “universe” (or God, divine intelligence) permission to bless it or block it. What we are acknowledging is the understanding that our interpretation and vision could be limited by time/space/awareness. This effectively gives wiggle room for something different or even better.

When we genuinely realize that we will be perfectly fine and grateful even if we do NOT receive our desires a spiritual circuitry is created. You mentally understand and believe that if your objective is not achieved there is a reason and you trust in divine guidance and timing.

As this might seem to go again the grain of the spiritual principle of perseverance a useful tool is to state: “May God Bless it or Block it. Thy will Not Mine be Done”

The decision to polarize a desire/want/goal we would visualize and examine both sides:

For example “I desire a red convertible car”.

  • You imagine the vision of the car.

  • Choose or pick a certain brand

  • Determine the type of “red”.

  • Feel yourself driving the car

  • You write it down in assumption of receiving it giving thanks in advance

  • Place it on a vision board

  • Determine how to you will pay for the vehicle

  • Start savings towards the car

Then you polar flip it to the reverse: “I did not receive the red convertible car”

See yourself NOT receiving the car but being perfectly fine with it. Perhaps, that would look like your still driving the same car or riding on public transportation. And in this visualization you are content and happy. You would not be rejected and coveting everyone else who is driving said car.

Once you have envisioned both sides of the situation you would then focus on the caveat: “May God bless it or block it. Thy will not mine be done”

Essentially, you have created your positive and negative. The light or circuitry goes on and the petition is made. When we let go of the outcome knowing that only if it is for my best interest and trusting that if the red convertible car is not received something better will occur.

Perhaps, the convertible is not a safe car and if you fiercely “will” it and attain it maybe your speeding habits will cause a car accident. Or, we might receive a job offer in another country and the amount in our bank account we were saving towards said car is exactly sufficient for the move. Thus, NOT purchasing a new car would the best decision.

There might be a “reason” that our will is not in our best interest. This doesn’t mean we do not pursue our goals! We simply release attachment that if it doesn’t happen exactly or not at all then so be it.

Utilizing opposites when you are creating allows divine guidance and “all that is” who can see a much bigger picture interject and circumvent. This is a way of allowing and you may receive results that far exceed your imagined goals. When relaxing and understanding that if said wish or the want is NOT achieved exactly as you “think” it should be you are going to be fine with or without it. We polarize our desires by seeing both outcomes both the positive outcome and the negative outcome.

Another way to look at the Law of Polarity, in a spiritual sense, is the ability to see what good came out of negative experiences. Sometimes, even traumatic experiences. Looking back on your life would you truly want to change anything? Perhaps and if not there is nothing wrong with this either. One way to think of negatives is to apply experience and what you learned.

“I am the sum of all my experiences both the good and the bad”

This acknowledgement herein lies your “wisdom” and without it how can you have experienced character and/or gained empathy? Perhaps when you overcame the severity of the trauma you learned a new technique or mental exercise and can share it with another person or many. With your wisdom, you can use your diverse negatives to help others or for yourself increase awareness so not fall into the same hole again thus repeating.

Now, for some who are stuck in a trauma loop and have not overcome their fears or pain perhaps seeing horrible experiences in a good light will not make much sense. And there is nothing wrong with the inability to understand the good. We might want to be gentle with ourselves. Nothing is more infuriating that the statement “Just get over it”. If you are able to work though it though it could result in emotional freedom.

This is why it is crucial to bring light to our adversities versus sitting alone in a dark closet. We open that closet door and we work on ourselves to clear our disturbances and therefore attempt to learn to see the positive.

One would say what positive can I find in being molested as a child? That is a horrific experience! However, if you have processed through this trauma and have forgiven yourself and the perpetrator (children often blame themselves) perhaps you find a release. You realize the molester was a truly “sick and mentally disturbed” person.

With observations and analysis you can release pain and can find forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to love the perpetrator or communicate with the molester. Forgiveness is for your freedom. You may be able to see the positive after working through your pain.

The positive might be that you would now have empathy and understanding of being molested versus stuck in a loop of its horrible memory. You now have worked through and released the energy and rumination. With this release you now could be of service to another who is experiencing this type of pain. You might even view molesters in a different light understanding the sickness of the compulsion thus releasing any hatred from your soul.

When we are able to understand the opposites and have a perspective of our goals and experiences we in effect view “both” sides and are in acceptance. The lack of resistance enables our “flashlight” of desires to light up. Upon our sincere blessing that if it doesn’t occur we have a knowing that we are being protected. Hence the wisdom: “When we are rejected so then we are protected.”

Sometimes it takes time to see the benefits of rejection and polarity. With rejection, we do not see the gifts at the time of the occurrence. However in future reflection the obvious is realized. Maybe this example you can relate too. Think back right now at a time when you were extremely heartbroken over a lost love. But today you are perfectly fine either being alone or have found a new mate. You can now clearly see the gifts. If it hadn’t happened, you would not be in the beautiful relationship that you are in now or have the understanding how to live alone happily.

When it comes to our goals and polarity, we look at both the thought and the intention. There is the seed and then there is the driving force behind the thought. For example, you want a relationship. The information of this would be your “seed” and the driving force is what propels.

The driving force is bound by the Law of Polarity and influenced by the subconscious mind. If we have deep negative beliefs in the subconscious such as:

I will never find true love

I will be abandoned if I fall in love

These inhibitors will shape the way the “seeds” will grow. In other words, the driving force of your emotions and beliefs may not be in tune with your intentions.

So, it would be as if one of the batteries in the flashlight doesn’t have the same charge as the other. What do you do? You may with practical deduction try another battery as maybe one wasn’t good. So for our analogy, in these instances, we may want to do some self-examination.

What we do not want to do is choose a partner that matches our limiting beliefs and this can happen. If you do not truly believe you can land that fabulous job or deserve that loving partner your frequency may not be in tune with the intention and the polarity is off the mark. Short circuiting… something is just not quite right.

There are ways to change out or clear our embedded limiting beliefs. I always use the analogy of the subconscious mind being a powerful quantum computer without emotion. It is practical and logistically running the same software that’s been uploaded throughout our lives and often from very early childhood. This “software” is our programmed beliefs from our parents, school, media and such. But, sometimes, these programs are outdated (no longer serve us). Perhaps they were bad to start with and our software needs to be deleted and new uploaded which reflects our current formulary.

There are different modalities to achieve reprogramming: hypnosis, EFT and emotion codes as examples.

When working with our goals we want to be cautious that we are not using both polarities at the same time. They will cancel each other out. That flashlight (your desires and wants) will not light up. We want to polarize our emotions versus our intentions.

Only focusing on the good is just one side of polarity. Exercising our mind to polar flip to alternatives so then we can build up our mind muscles. Observe how we might be behaving in negative situations. The point is to create change, to understand there are different ways to look at every situation.

When we become the “observer of ourselves” herein lies our personal power. You can see what the negative can teach you through the “polar flip”. Perhaps, we can see a pattern of behavior and then personal growth can begin. Flipping doesn’t always give you solution. But at least you can then attempt to find out through simplified reasoning. Polarized thinking takes practice and when you can step back and understand its basic simplicity it’s a great tool. For example:

Negative: I hate my job and boss. Going there every day feels horrible

Positive: My draconian boss is causing me to want to change and expand

Solution: I am going update my resume, seek a new post or contact a headhunter

Emotion: Being bullied by my boss feels terrible and I have felt this before

Alignment: I recognize subconscious software program running from being bullied

Action: EFT, Meditation, Hypnosis, Energy Clearing with magnets, coaching etc.

Intention: I am going to find a fabulous new job with a great boss and more income

Acceptance: If I do NOT find another job right away, I will be fine, I am in action mode

Caveat: “May God Bless it or Block it Thy Will Not Mine be Done”

The above scenario isn’t set in stone but an example of how to utilize polarity to see patterns and to analyze a negative situation with self-examination. We must look at ourselves and not place blame on external sources. Then, we as conscious observers create our desires and take action. There is power of being somewhat neutral whether it happens or not and that is the icing on the cake. We still strive for our goals it is just a lessening of its importance on the how and every detail of the outcome as well as if it even materializes.

This might have us thinking differently about the Gratitude List. A common practice is to focus upon all that we are grateful for in life. What if you are asked to also express gratitude for what you do not like or deem negative? An example of a negative gratitude might be:

"I am so grateful for the experience of when I became homeless. I will never judge another homeless person again. Before, I looked down on such people. Now, I understand how it feels."

What possible gifts can we experience from suffering? Or perhaps begin with a complaint and then turn it into a thankful? For example:

Suffering: My severely aching back prohibits me from sitting up during meditation.

Gratitude: I am so grateful to learn to meditation lying down and learned a new technique of leaving my body and imagining I am sitting up. I can now

have temporary relief from my pain.

Our lives can be shaped through processes and assimilation of experiences weaving them into a beautiful design. We can attain our personal growth through our angst, our struggles and by overcoming them. We challenge ourselves and reap rewards from adversity. Even though as children, we may have fallen several times when learning to ride a bike but kept trying. Then the thrill of that first ride! The scrapped knees were forgotten. Even a subsequent scar could come to have a positive meaning and memory.

When we can change our understanding of the events in our lives so then we make use of anything that is presented. This will be whether it was pre-conceived, created through our programming, manifested or it was fated.

It’s a matter of perception and most important how we fully experienced these events that will bring that bright light to the Law of Polarity. The only aspect that we can change with polarity is our individual consciousness and interpretation about its power and reaping the benefits by personal application.

There is always the truth of it, the emotion and then our own motives as to whether we apply polarity or not. Different aspects of polarity can be examined as such:

Mental: truth/disillusionment Are they what you think they are or not

Benefit: An increase in your understanding/expansion

Emotional: desire/trepidation Is this to our highest good and what is the direction

Benefit: Self-love might be discovered or lack thereof

Behavioral: do/inability Apropos or not pertinent for the situation

Benefit: Achievement of the highest

When we have increased understanding of duality: We can eventually level up in our awareness. The Law of Polarity can also be referred to as the “pair of opposites” This will reference to the Law of Gender or creation. Energetic forces come into play with repeated patterns in matter. Our bodies exist in one polarity form in matter and our internal forces both have male/female gender principles.

As applied to our bodies.

Male: Right Side Electric Transmitting Electron Positive(+)

Female Left Side Magnetic Receiving Proton Negative(-)

Upon examination of electromagnetism and how these two forces interact the understanding of being harmonized comes into our awareness. We can sense our inner polarity and hence the feeling of peace.

This focus would be on understanding ourselves and what our life experiences may have done to create an imbalance. If we are not aware of the value and of the need of the gender principles we may have unbalanced inner polarities.

Recognizing wounds in our male or female aspects is an awareness to examine. Then, how to bring it back into balance or make a choice to live and exist in one predominate polarity is an option. Balance of course is of great use to unify the pair of opposites. Harmonizing and exuding this out into the world results in contentment. Utilizing the Law of Vibration can come into play as with the recognition our balanced polarity the embodiment of higher frequencies can be achieved.

As more of us that awaken expanding our auric field, so then polarized energies resonate into the environment affecting the whole. Our energetic circuitry and the inner polarities bring unity. We are all designed to attain this through our consciousness and experience the connection to the all which is cited through the Law of Oneness.

With the accumulation of awakening souls and emission of balanced frequencies there will be an increase of experience with healing, manifestations and supernatural events. As the ascension process continues and the balanced polarities are achieved an increased awareness and a unity with the life forces will cause further expansion.

We will know when we are effectively utilizing polarity as there will be a flow and ease with life. A natural understanding of how to play with turning negative thoughts into positive using directional mental thought. Or let us play some more and turn a positive thought into negative with ease and mental vibration.

Using a thermometer as a visual might help. Watching it go from hot to cold and vice versa and also understanding the “variances” in the temperature. This effectively is using the “advantage’ to every situation. Everything is two opposites on the scale of the same thing and included are variances along the scale of hot/cold or the love/hate meter.

Now, you may be relating to your own experiences throughout your life. As you chose to explore one extreme you then experienced the opposite. The more you experienced the opposite the farther from center you moved. But, it was in this examination that the gift comparison is received.

In closing, we see the ugly and the pretty, the genius and the dunce, the powerful and the powerless and so on and so forth. We all will experience polarity in different versions. Some of us in extremes and some of us slighter. If we want to achieve the frequency of love consistently then we must not ignore our experiences and use the power of circuitry recognizing its potency. And with practice and using polarity as an advantage, we begin to understand that it is our soul’s aim to integrate and to be conscious creators influencing our lives and the collective.

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