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How to Make The Law of Compensation Sing for You!

This spiritual law relates to abundance in all forms and of course matters regarding finances. As its sister, the Law of Cause and Effect dealt with “events” this law is applicable to material and spiritual gains we receive. When this law is proven, we can experience the results of our deeds as they are given. This can take many forms such as gifts, money, accolades and even as friendships.

Sometimes our blessings take forms that we might not recognize. For example, our perception comes from our experiences. Have you ever seen a woman hauling water in a giant urn upon her head and up steep stone steps? If so, you would appreciate that you have the blessing of “water” flowing from faucets into your home.

There are many who question this law because they are doing all the right things and it seems that the flow of reciprocation is not to their liking. But perhaps, we are not receiving the abundance due to our own programming. And, we might not even be aware of these programmed beliefs as they were installed like software when we were small children into our subconscious mind.

Self-examination is a skill set. We have both subconscious and conscious beliefs that are directing our current beliefs. These may have come from our parents, teachers or other media entrained from childhood and or personal life experiences. One may also have to look at ancestral programming from past lives and any other type of poverty consciousness aspects.

Some spiritual examination and house-keeping might look like these questions:

Do you view the world as abundant and enough for all?

Do you see the world as unequal and full of lack?

Do you feel that rich people are evil?

Is money the root of harm?

Do you feel to be a truly spiritual person, one must renounce money and things in life that bring us pleasure?

Is the universe and /or god always providing for me and in my favor?

These questions and others like it really need to be looked at with a truthful response. This is not a test of right or wrong. This is to find out your true inclinations. Then to examine if they align with how you really feel now. The object is to determine any type of emotional encoding that proves to not be in coherence with our beliefs at this time. Then, it’s time to address and clear out the old programming.

The Law of Compensation has to do with both giving and receiving. The spiritual axiom of tenfold is incorporated into this law. If you are giving freely from your heart with no expectations of return you will receive a return of “tenfold”. It doesn’t always mean that it comes back in the form of money but it could. And those that truly understand the tenfold axiom realize the meaning of the phrase “it is better to give than to receive”.

This tenfold concept can help to release that sense of “not enough” and therefore raise the auric field and attain a higher frequency and vibration. This in itself can help to dissolve our unwelcomed beliefs.

The spiritual principle of integrity blends and applies to this law. With soul-based integrity, we can experience the greatest gifts/rewards both spiritual and material. Remember, you can never go wrong with giving that extra effort and or service with purity. Even if the recipient or the cause is not receiving or appreciating your efforts this is not important. As long as you are keeping your side of the street pure so to speak the efforts given are reciprocated. This isn’t always easy as we tend to want appreciation and acknowledgment and that is a normal response. This is where we have to be conscious in our methodology and motives.

Also, of extreme importance is the concept of self-love. When we treat ourselves with love and kindness as we do unto others then we maintain an integral balance. This will ensure that our cup is always full and overflowing with love.

As it is not good to run our automobile gas tanks down to the last drop it is also not effective to run ourselves ragged by over giving. A person who gives and doesn’t take care of his/her own body and soul can cause a reaction to the opposite. This can be difficult in some circumstances such as with parenting. Both the father and the mother working and caring for children and household can be tenuous at best.

When we experience over compensation from a lack of self-love, then it’s time to check ourselves and how much of a load are we carrying.

Are there things we can drop or give up?

Can we delegate?

Do we have to always say yes to everything?

Giving freely without expectations…. wonderful. Giving just to fill yourself up with love or for lack of love can nullify the energy. This would be a time to once again balance and return to self-examination. We can master The Law of Compensation by intertwining the spiritual principles of self-love, honesty and integrity.

Some will say that the Law of Compensation is just a restatement of the Law of Sowing and Reaping. This is essentially true. Basically, to break it down simply its whatever you contribute so shall you receive and be compensated in return. Now the “how” of the compensation may take many forms.

So how to utilize this law for the highest benefit while maintaining balance and integrity? Let’s just say this: You can not be compensated for less than the energy you exert and put out. Thus, you have to examine your value. Increasing your value and feeding your mind with thoughts of success and increased mental attitude can bolster and assist you to reap results.

Ask yourself:

What are my future visions?

Am I optimistic most of the time?

Can, I uplift my own thoughts towards happiness during each day?

Another key is doing just a little extra to get the ball really rolling. Make it a “habit” to exceed and do more than you need to and always looking for opportunities for positive “overcompensating”.

What are you doing when no one is looking? Are you consistent with feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride all by yourself? Or do you have the need to tell someone to receive praise. Whether someone is looking or not are you consistent with your ethics as you perform service or any type of work?

We must strive to stay in alignment with these concepts and when this happens the rewards will come to us eventually. We set aside the need for results on “our” time. In the understanding that we have basic financial needs this might mean we do need to adjust and re-evaluate our outcomes. But, the “banked’ rewards will multiply and come back to you.

What else can we do to PUMP it up?

You can always ask yourself questions like:

How can I be of extraordinary service today both to myself and to my fellow man?

What can I do to go over and beyond?

This in itself is utilizing this law as well as contributing to a success in any given area.

Another area is our mindfulness as it pertains to our thoughts. Do you automatically go to scarcity and what you don’t have? Do you practice being grateful and take pleasure in your life? Taking personal inventory is always a good tool and to count your blessings. Create a list of items that are musts for yourself to operate in a state of happiness. Make sure it’s just the essentials.

Oftentimes, if we are not feeling balanced then we can examine a list called a self-inventory. Perhaps we need an adjustment in a given area. This inventory is not to beat ourselves up but to give gentle reminders to practice self-care.

A personal inventory example might have these items on the list:

Daily Personal Inventory- Check off:

Taken my vitamins

Drank Water

30 minutes of exercise/walking

Meditation (any duration)

Healthy eating


Attuned my Frequency

Spent time in Nature

Increasing your potential and looking to the advantage in all situations takes practice. It’s especially crucial when there is something that seems to be truly a negative. This involves control over our reactions. A powerful tool is to react in the opposite way.

For example, you have lost your job and then you find out that your employment claim was also denied. You can shut down in panic and fear or do the opposite. What would that be? An example of doing the opposite would be to give money to someone less fortunate. It doesn’t have to be a large sum for that is not the critical factor. It’s the reversal of your instinct of lack. This will create a polarization and the outcome can be a complete reversal. Suddenly the employment claim is being approved or you receive a phone call about a new job.

Do we have to go around being perpetually positive Polly Anna touting affirmations with our head in the clouds? I would think not because stuffing our feelings and not expressing them isn’t recommended. But fear is a very sneaky foe. Most of what we fear never really happens. Try watching this for yourself.

When we maintain focus on the benefits and give it our all eventually it comes back around. It’s always good to be aware of the blessings that you might just take for granted. The old gratitude list is a favorite tool. Have you have ever spent time in a hospital and the person next to you is unable to breathe wheezing and using an oxygen mask? You then realize: I am grateful for being able to breathe. Our list of grateful items is a way to ease your angst and not feed the fear thoughts.

Make it a point to do bigger and better constantly striving to increase potentials in all that you do. This is a recipe for results. When dealing with money and paying bills do it with gratitude and not anger. Let the money go and know that you will always be provided for and be grateful that you have the money to pay. Its best to strive for a debt free life and to teach your children the same. If you are in debt then create a plan for this freedom. Releasing money with ease and spending without worry causes flow. Never try to be a hoarder or fear not having enough.

One technique is to create a cartoon characters of “The Bill’s” To do this you draw and imagine two different people named “Bill”… they can be brothers or friends .. use your creativity and make them comical. This way when you go to pay “The Bills” you can do it with amusement and a light heart. If that doesn’t resonate, perhaps see the value in paying for water, electricity or your automobile.

Spending excessively is useless, using credit without being able to repay causes great issues. If you have done this then clean it up. Create a plan for debt reduction and make some changes versus sitting in a pile of worry and shame. Overcoming obstacles is a great freedom. Keeping a mindset of what you can do will result in the ultimate spark in your energy field.

Be a person that is active and effective. You can be that person that is above average! One who pursues their dreams and lives an extraordinary life of least resistance. When we go those extra miles without thought to it the Law of Compensation begins to sing.

In closing, this law ensures you that everything you put in will bring you “some kind” of results.

However, it must be done with the best intentions, attitude and regardless of when the rewards might come. Can you receive immediate rewards? Yes, however; if your day to day life might seem to not be offering results know it will eventually.

Make sure to also examine your life purpose. When we understand why we are here and have a philosophy for our life then we can create a blueprint to support it. This can take some soul searching and realizing what makes you feel worthy and what gives your life meaning. When we feel stuck in survival mode and we work simply to get a paycheck we might have a lack of motivation.

This is where service unto others is of great benefit for our souls. When we help a “cause” whether it be people, places or the environment it gives us a sense of being part of all that is… and the greater good.

It is fine to make sure you do have “expectations” for something greater! Create God sized dreams so you do not find yourself in a rut where the wheel of fortune passes you by.

Remember, The Law of Compensation can come to us in many forms and when we bank our efforts believe in our outcomes and give freely of to both ourselves and others. The results will be returned and found in both our thankful hearts and our appreciation for what we have accomplished.

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