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Harmonize your Life and Utilize The Law of Cause and Effect

Nothing happens by chance. We are unique each exuding our own mental fingerprints that are ultimately traceable. This is a law that we cannot escape. For every effect there must be a cause and vice versa. It is perpetual and a never-ending cycle.

We all can pretty much wrap up The Law of Cause and Effect with three traits:

Good acts bring positive results

Bad acts bring negative results

Your own actions will bring your own results

What most of us fail to remember is that we can and do have influence over what is happening to us by understanding this law. If we do not define our lives with some kind of a “designed life plan” or at minimum attempt to interpret our life soul blueprint, we are just being led along as if we are wearing a blindfold and subject to the next event or thing.

This is where it is so important to understand the Law of Vibration because our frequency is like a boomerang and it may take awhile but what we emit so shall it come back in return.

What are the chain of events that you have in motion right now? Are you feeling dragged along and powerless? Are you even attempting to harmonize? If not, it is never too late to wake up and bring awareness and begin to harness your thoughts.

Once you become aware that your consistently “fire-fighting” meaning you are always responding to events then in a sense you are awakening. When you are in reactionary mode all the time, putting out this fire and that fire in your life you may be left feeling tired and as if life is a battle. Or at minimum nothing changes if nothing changes.

Take time to be strategic and create a life plan. Determine what is important and what you really want in your life. When we work within a framework of goals this alleviates the reactionary lifestyle.

We do not have to volunteer to be victims in a cycle of a life. We can come to a certain clarity and be released from self-made slavery. We are not powerless but if you feel that way then this is a truth and a starting point to overcome. You can be a person of influence. Remember…. you do have the power of free will.

What I try to do is to become the observer. In doing so, one can “observe there own thoughts”. I create a vision of a Lighthouse that has a beacon of light that can see 360 degrees all around me. By becoming awake and observant, I am not just letting my “mind” go along by itself and there is a sense of control. I become aware and attentive to my emotions and try my best to not allow myself to fall into lower emotional frequencies or the pit of despair, anger, worry and fear.

If I do then action must be taken. I am not above asking for help from another person or the divine via prayer and/or meditation. Sometimes, asking for help and then to practice utilizing tools that keep us “right sized” is the best way to deal with downturns. We focus on solutions and then the problems will eventually dissolve. I look to my spiritual tool kit of gratitude, meditation and then take a life inventory of the important aspects of staying spiritually fit. Everyone needs to have their “list” of tools they use to stay in the lane of self-awareness.

Never feel it is a weakness to ask another for help. When we sit alone in a dark closet, we are subject to more darkness. If we just open that closet door just a little and “ask for help” the light will enter and it will dispel the darkness. This is a spiritual axiom. Do not let pride overcome.

With directed thought we can obtain mastery and be in alignment with the light of God and learn to live in harmony with this Law of Cause and Effect. Otherwise, we may just be led down a train track where we have no idea what is on the other side of that dark tunnel.

When we make a decision to take charge through focused actions, we can compose our future and/or make a change in our life path. Part of this process is to be conscious observers and practice transforming the thoughts that do not serve our life plan. The results can be the creation of a new destiny or simply enhancing our current circumstances. Instead of feeling powerless to The Law of Cause and Effect take advantage by understanding and utilizing spiritual principles.

When we harmonize our frequency and use spiritual principles such as service to others, integrity and perseverance then we are taking advantage of this perpetual law. We then need to make a choice to live a life that is on purpose. There is a certain excitement in the dynamics of understanding and reminding ourselves that we have the ability to “choose”. There is such power for us in self- examination.

Just being aware of our conscious mind is a start. Then there is learning to process feelings, emotions and integrate our life experiences. Composing and creating our reality takes a little bit of strategy.

Take the time to ask yourself the question: How am I feeling on a daily basis? If there are inconsistencies then that is when it is time for change. If you are pretty much in an uplifted state of being all the time then.. how can you share this with others? The gift of giving is a ten-fold return especially when you do so without the thought of receiving anything back.

The Law of Cause and effect is more than karma…or what comes around goes around. We can be conscious “harmonized” creators and in alignment to receive goodness. And how fun is it to become explorers of our lives rather than be “led” along in a fog of uncertainty.

Change your actions, and you change your life… Transform your thoughts, and you can create a new path to explore. Then wait and see what that boomerang will bring to you then!

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