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The Law of Vibration ..take the middle road

The Law of Vibration is important to conceptualize. Understanding the basics is crucial because science through quantum physics shows us that everything in our universe is energy.

What is vibration? How does it affect our daily life, our health and more important our souls? At this moment I am listening to the the yard worker and his buzzing weed eater and the lawn mower outside. Normally, it would be extremely irritating but right now am accepting of it because my frequency is in alignment. I align my frequency on a daily basis.

Once we understand how it feels to be operating from a resonate frequency, we will no longer want to hear sounds that do not feel good to us. And, if we have to they won't affect us as much. Science has concluded that everything is composed of units of energy and each vibrate at specific frequencies. Hence we each have our own personal frequency like our own radio channel call out number!

The quantum physicists have discovered that matter may appear to be solid but when viewed through microscopes that can see the smallest components (molecules, atoms, electrons etc.) it is mostly empty space with energy interspersed. However, some have said that the “space’ isn’t exactly empty but of a material that when charged with emotion can connect to our larger self or our infinite mind and the unified field of consciousness.

Everything in the universe is in MOTION, whether it’s solid, liquid or gas. All things move, vibrate and travel in circular patterns (are you dizzy yet?). So each “thing” in existence has its own vibrational frequency. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. This parameter is used in science and engineering to rate oscillatory and vibratory phenomena such as sound, radio waves and light.

Sound is referenced as audio frequency. This means the periodic vibrational frequency is audible to the human. The SI (international system of units) of audio frequency is measured in hertz (HZ).

You may have heard of the ancient 6-tone scale named the Solfeggio frequencies associated with sacred music and perhaps heard of the Gregorian Chants. Each tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirt coherent.

There are six main Sofeggio Frequencies used in the Gregorian Chants and they are:

396 HZ - Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 Hz Faciliation of Change

528 Hz Miracles, transforming (DNA Repair)

639 Hz Relationships and our connections

741 Hz Expression and outcomes

852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order

The reason, I jumped to this chart is to help you understand how different musical sounds might influence various states of mind. Remember thoughts are vibratory as well. Our vibratory human bodies respond to these frequencies differently. As our bodies are estimated to be around 70% water it stands to reason the musical frequencies could alter our own vibrational state. Studies have been shown that water responds to these different frequencies and sounds. Then add in how our thoughts, our emotions, expressions hold their own frequencies and that just causes a ripple effect that can affect matter.

The frequency of the music we listen to today is tuned to 440 Hz since the year of 1953 when it was changed by the ISO (International Standards Organization). What is being examined and understood is that the pitch is disharmonious with the natural resonance of nature and may produce a negative effect on human behavior and consciousness! What? Even going out to listen to the beautiful music of an orchestra all the instruments are now being tuned with 440 Hz. Yes, that is correct.

There are theories as to when and why this happened but I will not get into that in this article. I choose to focus on solution rather than conspiracy. However, why it has not been addressed and changed is rather concerning. If we have been listening to dissonant sounds all our lives it might make is a little difficult to attain the happiness, balance as well as intellectual capacity to reign in on our abilities and to be the conscious creators we were designed to be.

We need to understand why it is important to be extremely sensitive and aware of how much television we watch, to fast as much as possible from news/negative media, some music, commercials. There is a method brain entrainment which can be done with sound or light. I myself advocate the use of specialized frequency music. With brainwave entrainment to frequency music you can in a sense re-boot to your personalized frequency and attune your body.

Light, heat and sound are forms of vibration. This law certainly pertains also to our thoughts and our feelings which are also vibratory. Our states of mind and thoughts have their own mode of vibration. The higher the vibrations the longer lasting the effects would be. The lower the vibrations the more potent the effects are. More important though is where is all begins. As our conscious mind dwells intently it is ultimately embedding the subconscious mind and thus your dominant vibration will be the outcome.

What have you had embedded into your subconscious mind during your life? More important what was embedded into your mind as a child? The first years of a child ages 2 and up to age 9 operated their brain in the “theta” brain wave state. Theta wave frequencies measure 4 to 8 cycles per second. When operating in Theta children are not able to show signs of critical, rational thinking. It is a super learning state and they are WIDE open to suggestion. They are more likely to accept what you tell them is true. People who are under hypnosis and animals also are in this frequency. What was programmed into your mind from the ages of 2-9 and are imbedded in your subconscious mind?

So as thoughts are vibrational the optimists are busy creating high vibratory energy expecting the best of the world and the pessimists are expecting the doom and gloom. Collectively we do influence the earth. Many of us however, are just letting the subconscious mind run the entire show not taking control or attempting to change the program. If you are happy with what you have then let it continue to run. However, you can make lasting changes to your circumstances, your health and your destiny.

Each of us has the power to choose spiritual development or to regress with thoughts that inhibit. Through the Law of Vibration and connection to the infinite mind /higher self or also called the God self within we can receive answers as the higher frequencies contain great knowledge and wisdom. Tapping into them through mindfulness, meditation, prayer, certain specific healing music and/or various spiritual hypnosis modalities are several ways to attain this connection or change embedded negative beliefs installed during our lives thus far.

The Law of Vibration is crucial in that we must adhere and be resonate to our feelings as these thoughts have their own frequency. You can move closer to the purpose of your destiny. The Law of Vibration and higher power live on the end of the continuum that connects to the Spirit. By spirit am referencing terms such as pure light, Merkaba and love. Physical dense matter such that represent the human body (our suit that dresses the soul) has lower, heavier and slighter vibrations experienced in the heart and the mind.

So we will want to integrate the higher frequencies of spirit into the dense matters through the direction of will (from the heart/mind). Herein we can raise our individual vibrational patterns! More simply put higher vibrations consume and transform lower. When this is happening we can co-create and align with more ease.

In our quest to create manifest through use of the light, of love The Law of Vibration is a necessary tool for creation of Heaven on Earth. The key to remember is to stay on the middle path acknowledge both sides of duality (higher and lower vibration) and do not attach emotions to the lower. It is my mission "To Teach Love by Being an Example of Love" and to keep those good vibes flowing!

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