Wellpoint Hypnosis Method ™

Hummingbird Jewel is excited to offer Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ sessions as a level 2 Practitioner.


You choose and select from a menu of different kinds of adventures and I will act more or less are your tour guide as  you  journey either via remote (utilizing ZOOM) or in-person sessions.

 As your certified practitioner, I will assist you to focus  your attention and awareness on specific directives you have chosen prior to the session. In doing so, will assist  you to activate communication with  your infinite intelligence also know as our higher self. Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ can  connect you to various explorations from past lives to mystical places!


  There are so many choices so if you would , please watch the video on this page that will gives you some of the many ways that to explore the universes! 


What makes this  spiritual hypnosis technique unique is how its heightened by the use of  brainwave frequencies from SOUNDSYNCTECH™ .  This sound healing music by Ted Winslow is  patented and unique.  


The  Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis Method™  uses the brainwave frequencies to deepen your experience and allowing access to our inner and higher self and that of  the space of variations also known as the unified field of consciousness.


The Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis Method™ session activates various brainwave states for the ultimate journey while you are in a relaxed trance.

For more  detailed  information and to listen to music samples please visit the founders pages:  



 Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ ​and  SOUNDSYNCTECH™ ​are designed for entertainment and informational purposes only.  Each session is indiviualized and results may vary.  There is no guarantee of your desired results. 


Refund Policies:  A full refund for a session if you change your mind can be made within 72 hours and sent back to the registered person on record.  All refunds will incur a 10% processing fee.  Your refund will be sent within 30 days via Paypal or check.   You may substitute a Hummingbird Jewel Vibrational  Reading or products sold in the store in exchange.  

What can I experience from a session?


Do you long to do better, be happier, be more satisfied with life, with your career, relationships and creativity? Do you get flashes of realization that you can make it happen but the motivation is gone as soon as your get it? Are you dancing around your potential and looking to bring it to fruition?  Are you curious about other times in the past or future?  Would you like to visit mystical places? 

Contact me today! As a Certified Level 2 Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis™ practitioner, I offer 1-2 hour remote (via ZOOM)  or in-person sessions.   In our sessions, I can help you explore your potentials and examine the unlimited possibilities.    I will provide you a menu of different types of sessions and can assist you on your directives to get your personalized outcomes. 


The 1-2 hour remote or in-person sessions are a  $170.00 donation (see donation button on the top of the page).   If you would like to purchase a package of three session the donation is $450.00


This price includes one Ted Winslow CD or download so you can experience the frequency music in your own home! You will purchase the music either via a CD or download or from iTunes or Amazon.  Before you purchase let's discuss your session objectives and I will guide you to the best album choice. 


Please note that Hummingbird Jewel Enterprises donates 10% of all donations received to charity.  

As this is a new ground breaking technology there may be a waiting list for sessions.  My normal hours of operation are M-F from 8:00 a.m until  8:00 pm; however, I will consider evening and Saturday sessions.  I also will consider travel to your area. 


Please inquire and fill out the form before sending your donation so we can discuss your needs or simply contact me: Julia at hummingbirdjewel@yahoo.com .  Let the adventures begin!