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Relationship Whisperer

Men or Women,  I can help you with relationship GUIDE-DANCE!  


No, not physical dancing... but taking a dance class together is a fabulous idea!  Are not all relationships a little bit of a dance?  Whether it be our best friend, neighbor or a loved one they are a part of our lives. How we appreciate and connect with them is vital.  Then there is "finding a relationship".  When are we ready? Do we actively seek or do we just figure out how to be a peace by ourselves?  That is something we can sort through and then made a plan of action!


Whether it be

  • self love,

  • finding love,

  • matters with an existing relationship,

  • or the aftermath of a break-up.


  I can give you tips, tools, techniques, advice and guide-dance on:

  • Do and Don'ts on a dating profile - I can help you write your profile  

  • Travel Destinations and/or where to take my date?  Been in a relationship for awhile?  What can we do that is new and not to tiring... we work hard!  I am single where to go?

  • How to navigate a dating site/app and what to do on the first date when meeting someone from the internet

  • How to dress for success, grooming and body care.  I love specialized boutiques and will share them with you! What are you dressing for?   Whether its professional (interview),  family gathering, dating or just going out by yourself! Image is everything and your personal style might just need a little guide-dance!

  • Gifting ideas that are thoughtful and personal   -  What should I buy for him/her?  I can help you locate the perfect gift that is within your budget.  The key in this ladies/gentleman is :planning ahead!  Just put a reminder ahead in your calendar and we can knock their socks off.  You would be surprised on how meaningful a gift can be that do not cost a lot and of course if you want to spend more we can.   I promise it is in the details that make another feel really special and that just requires a little imagination and thoughtful  planning. 

  • Do you ever get stuck trying to find the right card and what to say? I am able to write in your behalf ala Cyrano de Bergerac (he was the character in a movie where he wrote love letters for his friend and the woman fell in love with the  friend!).   Because of my writing ability and my intuitive skills it I can write poetry or just a few lines that you can write into a blank card.   I can also refer you to personalized card makers and that will really go over great for anyone whether it be for a family member, child or a romantic partner!   I can help you in writing a really thoughtful love letter.  Not everyone can express themselves and with a short conversation with you and my "guides-dancing" the words flow in like a melody.

  • Writing for a deceased family member or pet -  when I receive the transmissions they are not like an obituary but more like a story, prose or poem.  Personalized details would be included.  

  • Creating a Vision Board -  Let me give you guide-dance in creating really awesome vision boards... with methods you might not have thought of before.  Nothing like pulling out your vision board and seeing that many things have come to fruition!  I know they work because they have worked for me!

These additional services are outside of a Vibrational Session and part of my love for helping others.  As usual my intuitive gifts will always come into play when you are given Guide-Dance from Hummingbird Jewel!  These services are based on donations.  The best way to contact me is via email :

Thanks! Message sent.

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